Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Back, and I'm here to Post

This poster just got even better after I realized Drizzy's wearing an "I Got Five On It" tee

Welcome everyone. I realize I have done terrible at this and hopefully people will start reading this again, because I plan on posting fairly frequently for the rest of the summer.

Today was pretty interesting. For those who don't know, I start an internship with Michael Moore's production company on Monday. I heard about this months ago, and always thought that it was pretty unlikely that anything would come of it. Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago when find out Moore has a new movie coming out and I'm stil being told that the internship is a possibility. Then ten days ago I have a phone "interview" with some guy and end up getting the job. What the fuck, right?

So I'm living in some month-to-month hotel, and the guy who was supposed to get me into my room and stuff today forgot about it and I had to spend an hour in the lobby waiting for him. Then, once I was actual moved in I find out my TV has no A/V inputs which means no Xbox and no watching DVD's on TV. That was harsh, and after an early day, driving three hours hungover, and the lobby waiting, that meant driving to Walmart whilst having a mild panic attack on the phone with my father. However, once I got done shopping, everything was back to normal, and now everything is great. Sidebar: It was pretty awesome tonight walking from my car to my room (which is like 1.5 blocks) and being able to see a slight sunset over Lake Michigan.

No pop culture for tonight, but expect that to pick up. I assume I will find things to do here, but for now, I got nothing so I plan on watching lots of movies [on my Mac :(] nad listening to ots of music. I'l probaby have something to say about D.O.A. tommorow, but I haven't even heard it yet so we'll see. So put me back on your toolbars (Brad) because I'm back. Oh, and since most of the movies I'll be wathcing wil be from Netflix, and since I want to start writing about movies more, expect an array of talk about weird movies from past, present and from nations all around the world.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So I am currently in the process of a final research paper, shooting a movie by Monday and doing a broadcast piece by next week, so i have been busy lately. Not busy enough to warrant no posts ever, but hey, what can you do? In the meantime I came across this while on my Youtube account today(click on the picture):

Really? I mean, I obviously don't care. I used a day up last year making that video with Jordan while Greg won a poker tournament, and fun was had by all. However, who turned this in? How could someone who cares even find this video? The internet scares me sometimes. Like, is it someone's job at WMG, which I assume is Warner, to scour through youtube videos seen by a hundred people and remove the audio because it uses a Right Said Fred Song? I don't know, nor do I really care to find out.

But here is a video I made today due to a post on Videogum which uses the video from the awesome Where the Wild Things Are trailer. However, I switched the Arcade Fire song for the greatest song from a movie ever, aka "Magic Dance" by David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

LiveBlog Oscars

7:59 - Turned on ABC to see Hugh jackman giving Barbara Walters a lapdance...Blerg. And apparently this is just the red carpet? I think I'm going to skip this.
8:27 - Uh-oh, MIB2 is on? Oscars blog may be donezo.
8:33 - What up Wolverine? They should have gotten Gambit, aka Tim Riggins to host. And put him on the SS Tatas.
8:40 - Check out this blog if you want to read a guy who sucks.
8:42 - I heard they were going to do weird things with the presenters, but five people? Really?
8:45 - This is outrageous. Something for each nominee?
8:53 - Tina Fey and Steve martin. Their writing a script. I get it , they write, and this must be screenplay.
8:54 - Nice, Tina Fey gets in a Scientology punch.
8:59 - Boo! Wall-E!!
9:04 - Yay! Wall-E!!
9:07 - This may be impossible, this is really long, and I have homework to do. I'll be back with sporadic updates.


I'm taking this news as a bad omen for the "Watchmen" movie. Like seriously? My Chemical Romance covering "Desolation Row?" That song is a classic, and is quoted at the end of one part of the book, and it is used perfectly. I feel like this has to suck. Add this to all the slow-motion, and the rumor that Snyder changed the ending, and my expectations keep dropping. I will still go see it opening night, but come on. Still plan on doing the Oscars thing, but homework may get in the way slightly.

Friday, February 20, 2009

We Be Livebloggin

So, I think I'm going to try and liveblog the Oscars on Sunday. This may be ambitious, and I may skip parts, but we shall see. I still wish I'd seen Milk, of all the nominees. I think it's still showing here in the Zoo, maybe I'll finally check it out this weekend. The only thing I'm really rooting for is Mickey Rourke because "The Wrestler" was awesome. I guess I'm also rooting for Heath Ledger, but I think Rourke's performance was deeper.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things That Are Sweet Right Now

-Lost, obviously. This season has started off basically where they left us last season in terms of sweetness. SPOILER I want to share somewhere, my crazy thoughts without having read anything on Lostpedia or the A.V. Club. So we now know for sure that Daniel's mom is the MS Hawking who has been haunting Desmond for a while. I feel it is also pretty obvious that the girl soldier last week, Elle, will become this woman. It seemed as though there was some crazy tension between her and Charles Widmore back in the day so that is why she is teaming up with Ben. They have a common enemy, which I think has been said a few times this season. Furthermore, there seems to be something that draws people back to the island. The 815er's, Widmore, I think it is the same for Elle.
I think that she had been trying to find a way back to the island for some time, and when she met Desmond it proved to her that there was a way to travel in time, and that since they were flashes that it probably had to do with the island. Not sure how that connects to this, but I think she is using the 815er's as a ticket back to the island for herself, and to beat Widmore there, and get whatever they're ooking for. Jughead? Doubtful. But, I think when they all do finally get to the island, Jack and Sun are going to raelize that Ben is still a (fucking awesome) piece of shit, team up with Sawyer and Juliette and take on Ben. I assume Kate will join them some way, and I'm not sure how Desmond is going to play into all of this. Is he really going to go back to the island without Penny and Charlie? Fuuuck. END OF SPOILER

Tonight- Asher Roth and Lupe. I got an update from Asher Roth's facebook telling me to drunk dial him, and the best one may make it to the album. I'm going to call him from his own concert tonight. I am probably not the only one to think of it, but come on. I've got to win.

P.S. - Lost fucking rules.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Uh Oh Lil Wayne, You Made This (And a few other things seeing as I haven't posted in a month)

Yea, so this may be one of the worst things I have ever heard, and it sounds worse live. I really don't get it. I thought in the music business there are people who determine wheter albums/songs/ideas are good enough to be released and thats why great artists like The Clipse, Q-Tip and Jon Brion get albums shelved. Where is this person for Wayne? Why doesnt someone close to Wayne tell him this sucks. It's like in 30 Rock when Grizz and Dot-Com laugh at Tracy everytime he makes the "I love ___ so much I'm gunna take it behind the midde school and get it pregnant" joke. It would appear Wayne's entourage does th exact same thing. The only reason this frustrates me is that I'm sure i will hear this song more times than shitty songs by Plies because teenage/college girls aren't obsessed with Plies, and I guess because I like Lil Wayne and would prefer he focus his time on making rap music. Preferreably good rap, but even bad Wayne rap is superior to this.

I know I am not the first to say that I love "Merriweather Post Pavilion," the new Animal Collective album, but it is fantastic. "My Girls" maybe one of my favorite songs to come out in the last 12 months, maybe longer. Kanye also apparently likes the song, or at least the video. What if Kanye tried to make an Animal Collective CD? Be on the lookout for "Plain Pat & Emile Presents: Here Comes the Black Mullet Mixtape," in which Kanye, Kid CuDi, Big Sean, Drake, Charles Hamilton and Theophilus London "rap" over Animal Collective songs. Also that is not an insult to people just named. Not yet, maybe Drake, I'm not sure.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Thanks For the Birthday Present Blogger

I have seen countless blogs on Blogger posting music. Too many to count. I had 3/4 of Kanye from one blog I never heard of that iI saw on My year-end list post got deleted, and i assume it was because of the tracks I posted, because i don't know why else it would happen. Fuck you Blogger, I spent waaay too much time on that last post, and I do not want to do it again. This is lame.