Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So the New Love Lockdown

I love it. It is basically everything that I wanted. The clicks in the chorus are gone, stronger drums, and he sings the chorus like in the live performance. I am so very happy right now. Hopefully next time hell take his time, and maybe a push back wouldn't be the worst idea if he's going to rush the album like he did this song. Whatever, I love it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Some Things Left on the Table

So there are a few things that I have been meaning to talk about but certain factors have kept them from becoming full entries so here we go:

- Please start listening to KiD CuDi. I know his mixtape, A Kid Named CuDi came out a while ago and he has been praised on sites with much greater readership them this one (pick a site, any site). However, I really need to put out there how much I have been loving the tape, in particular the first half. At first CuDi doesn't come off as the most technically gifted rapper, no double time, no tricks, no outrageously long breaths like Lupe. However, I don't think that is a bad thing. He keeps things fairly simple with his flow, but he really is a gifted wordsmith, and he also has a very interesting take on what rap should sound like. While "The Funeral" by Band of Horses, isn't really new, it is still interesting to hear him go in over the sample, and sort of sing. Same with "50 Ways to Make a Record" which samples Paul Simon's "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover." The tape kind of trails off after single "Day & Night" but it is still very solid. I actually wish this and Wale's Mixtape About Nothing cut the "worse" songs and became one tape, but hey that's just me being picky.

- So "Love Lockdown." What are you? I still have yet to form a good opinion at first. On first viewing I was very happy and intrigued. After getting the live version I only got more excited. Then the studio version leaked and I definitely felt like the air had been let out. He just seems very complacent. All of the energy he had during the chorus at the VMA's goes out the window in the studio. For such a personal song, his singing is so weak. That may have to do with Kanye not being a singer, but I think it more has to do with him not going in hard enough on the hook, which seems odd with how fucking hard he's been trying lately.

- It kind of sucks being a football fan in the state of Michigan right now

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Livebloggin the VMA's

8:00 - ZOMG ZOMG, its Britney Spears...and Jonah Hill!
Britney's looked worse.
9:02 - OK, Britneys actually hot(?)
9:03 - Well that seemed forced/rushed
9:04 - Rhianna: Rufio's Cousin, or Rufio? Discuss
9:07 - internet not working, this may not really be a live blog. May just turn in it all in at the end.
9:08 - I think Rihanna's okay. not sure how i feel about her new goth shtivk. I don't like 'Disturbia' I don't ike the video, and i didnt like that.
9:11- Really Russel Brand? Is this really the time/place/person to go off on Barack and retarded W. Go Barack?
9:13 - I feel like I'm listening to Art Brut, but with no music.
9:15 - Not sure I'm ready for Russel Brand's America
9:17 - T.I.'s weed carrier is so going to shoot Jamie Foxx. Btw, what was he on?
9:19 - So Britney isn'y crazy anymore?
9:24 - Well seeing as the song that inspired the title of this log was just in a Rhapsody commerical. Figured i'd post about it. David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" was just in a Rhapsody commercial.
9:27 - Fucking Demi Moore?
9:30 - Hi Taylor Swift
9:31 - Is this realy The Jonas Bro's new single. It's like their attempt at "I Will Follow you in the Dark."
9:32 - Greg: "Are all of the Jonas' Bro's this homo?"
9:34 - Ouch Katy Perry. Maybe you should stick to singing bad pop songs that are sorta taboo, but really not that much.
9:36 - I can't imagine I would get much work done in the clothes i wore in the shower. Thanks for the tip though, Jerry.
9:36 - Now I know why Katy Perry's Madonna cover sucked. I don't think she can sing.
9:40 - Michael Phelps is wearing headphone. He probably just doesn't want people to see his huge ears
9:42 - Lil Wayne is outrageous. Odd choice of song for this setting. Never caught the Roof thing before.
9:43 - Ahh, heres "A milli"
9:44 - Stop the top hats T-Pain
9:45 - Nick, "How are those little pants stayng on.
9:45 - So the pants won't stay on.
9;46 - Busta Bus liked it.
9:47 - This is lame.
9:49 - That Pussycat Dolls song is unfortunate. And how bout Jimmy Iovine. From sound engineer for "Born to Run", to assisting the Pussycat Dolls in their quest to stay popular.
9:58 - This bad, Entourage is on. I'm done. Sorry folks. Maybe ill come back after Enourage.
10:30 - I am back. Rihanna again?
10:30 - BTWs Entourage was okay
10:36 - Oh shit, this is 'Genie in a Bottle' this is kinda horseshit.
10:39 - She had a baby. wow she looks good.
10:42 - Best New Artisit, fuck Gossip Girl.
10:43 - These dudes are fucking unbelievable. Fuck these dbags.
10:50 - This show with Paris hilton is bout to suck.
11:01 - I was really hoping for "Bawitiba" please do it for the children Kid.
11:02 - Wayne is wearing the same pants he wore on F'N MTV a few weeks back.
11:04 - Weezy and Kid Rock, and Wayne didn't get to plaly guitar.
11:10 - What up Kobe?
11:11 - Really people, enough with all your Pussycat Dolls.
11:12 - Well, Britney clearly sucked off someone on the committee. Committee? Who picks these damn things?
11:12 - Here we go, Kanye. Make the music with your mouth.
11:13 - Is he singing? I always secretly lliked his singng. I though it made him seem more down-to-earth. Not sure how I feel about it for a song though.
11:14 - Ok, I am realy liking this. Not what I was expecting. This sounds dark, i feel like I should be in a robot, metal cave sometime in the future right now.
11:16 - New future, change the world, what the fuck is he talking about?

Alright, well those were pretty dismal. Sad foray into the world of live blogging. Bye.

Update: I'm listening to "Love Lockdown" on youtube, and it is fucking sweet. Kanye is bananas, the thing I pick up the most more now, is how sweet the drums are during the chorus. I really want to hear those on my headphones, really fucking oud, or live. Prefferably all three sometime soon.