Sunday, September 7, 2008

Livebloggin the VMA's

8:00 - ZOMG ZOMG, its Britney Spears...and Jonah Hill!
Britney's looked worse.
9:02 - OK, Britneys actually hot(?)
9:03 - Well that seemed forced/rushed
9:04 - Rhianna: Rufio's Cousin, or Rufio? Discuss
9:07 - internet not working, this may not really be a live blog. May just turn in it all in at the end.
9:08 - I think Rihanna's okay. not sure how i feel about her new goth shtivk. I don't like 'Disturbia' I don't ike the video, and i didnt like that.
9:11- Really Russel Brand? Is this really the time/place/person to go off on Barack and retarded W. Go Barack?
9:13 - I feel like I'm listening to Art Brut, but with no music.
9:15 - Not sure I'm ready for Russel Brand's America
9:17 - T.I.'s weed carrier is so going to shoot Jamie Foxx. Btw, what was he on?
9:19 - So Britney isn'y crazy anymore?
9:24 - Well seeing as the song that inspired the title of this log was just in a Rhapsody commerical. Figured i'd post about it. David Bowie's "Sound and Vision" was just in a Rhapsody commercial.
9:27 - Fucking Demi Moore?
9:30 - Hi Taylor Swift
9:31 - Is this realy The Jonas Bro's new single. It's like their attempt at "I Will Follow you in the Dark."
9:32 - Greg: "Are all of the Jonas' Bro's this homo?"
9:34 - Ouch Katy Perry. Maybe you should stick to singing bad pop songs that are sorta taboo, but really not that much.
9:36 - I can't imagine I would get much work done in the clothes i wore in the shower. Thanks for the tip though, Jerry.
9:36 - Now I know why Katy Perry's Madonna cover sucked. I don't think she can sing.
9:40 - Michael Phelps is wearing headphone. He probably just doesn't want people to see his huge ears
9:42 - Lil Wayne is outrageous. Odd choice of song for this setting. Never caught the Roof thing before.
9:43 - Ahh, heres "A milli"
9:44 - Stop the top hats T-Pain
9:45 - Nick, "How are those little pants stayng on.
9:45 - So the pants won't stay on.
9;46 - Busta Bus liked it.
9:47 - This is lame.
9:49 - That Pussycat Dolls song is unfortunate. And how bout Jimmy Iovine. From sound engineer for "Born to Run", to assisting the Pussycat Dolls in their quest to stay popular.
9:58 - This bad, Entourage is on. I'm done. Sorry folks. Maybe ill come back after Enourage.
10:30 - I am back. Rihanna again?
10:30 - BTWs Entourage was okay
10:36 - Oh shit, this is 'Genie in a Bottle' this is kinda horseshit.
10:39 - She had a baby. wow she looks good.
10:42 - Best New Artisit, fuck Gossip Girl.
10:43 - These dudes are fucking unbelievable. Fuck these dbags.
10:50 - This show with Paris hilton is bout to suck.
11:01 - I was really hoping for "Bawitiba" please do it for the children Kid.
11:02 - Wayne is wearing the same pants he wore on F'N MTV a few weeks back.
11:04 - Weezy and Kid Rock, and Wayne didn't get to plaly guitar.
11:10 - What up Kobe?
11:11 - Really people, enough with all your Pussycat Dolls.
11:12 - Well, Britney clearly sucked off someone on the committee. Committee? Who picks these damn things?
11:12 - Here we go, Kanye. Make the music with your mouth.
11:13 - Is he singing? I always secretly lliked his singng. I though it made him seem more down-to-earth. Not sure how I feel about it for a song though.
11:14 - Ok, I am realy liking this. Not what I was expecting. This sounds dark, i feel like I should be in a robot, metal cave sometime in the future right now.
11:16 - New future, change the world, what the fuck is he talking about?

Alright, well those were pretty dismal. Sad foray into the world of live blogging. Bye.

Update: I'm listening to "Love Lockdown" on youtube, and it is fucking sweet. Kanye is bananas, the thing I pick up the most more now, is how sweet the drums are during the chorus. I really want to hear those on my headphones, really fucking oud, or live. Prefferably all three sometime soon.

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