Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'll be Back

No idea if anyone other than Ian (what up!) reads this anymore, but I've been busy with studying and the such for midterms, and will be for the next week or so, so the posting level will stay low. However, while I'm writing I might as well get into a few things.
Saw Broken Social Scene last week at Calvin College. Third time I've seen them and maybe the most fun I've had yet. Actually snagged some good spots up near the fron even though we got there after what seemed to be hundreds upon hundreds of kids. I don't know if they were not all into BSS or whatever, but when people stood up and "rushed" the stage, a lot of people did not move, and stayed pretty complacent. They were more energetic than they seemed at Lollapalooza this Summer, but played less than when I saw them in Ann Arbor. They stuck to mostly old standybys with the exception of a couple Brandon Canning songs. Also played "Anthems of a Seventeen Year Old Girl" which is the sencond time I'd seen it. Less good this time with the Land of Talk singer singing it for maybe the first time in concert. All in all, good time. Couple things coming up that I hope to write about: Universal Mind Control (when is that coming out?), 808's and Heartbreak (CuDi's on two songs!), Drive-by-Truckers and Hold Steady concert in Chicago (first concert that isn't Lolla out of Michigan), and I am going to see Bob Dylan finally on November 8 here in the Zoo. Hopefuly he isn't so old that his lyrics become completely unrecognizable, but we'll see.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Check It Out

So here's a blog I wrote for class that is on the Kalamazoo Gazette's web site with a bunch of other Western students. Keep in mind I had to do something about the election:

I actually sort of submitted the wrong document, and I think the new one may have been a little bit better but whatever. There are also supposed to be links to youtube videos, but some kinks are stil being worked out. The people over there appear to be dumbtarded.

p.s. - Apparently if people leave comments/like my blog, I could get hired?(In that case the Kalamazoo Gazette people are smart as a fox, not dumbtarded) Do with this information what you will.