Thursday, February 12, 2009

Things That Are Sweet Right Now

-Lost, obviously. This season has started off basically where they left us last season in terms of sweetness. SPOILER I want to share somewhere, my crazy thoughts without having read anything on Lostpedia or the A.V. Club. So we now know for sure that Daniel's mom is the MS Hawking who has been haunting Desmond for a while. I feel it is also pretty obvious that the girl soldier last week, Elle, will become this woman. It seemed as though there was some crazy tension between her and Charles Widmore back in the day so that is why she is teaming up with Ben. They have a common enemy, which I think has been said a few times this season. Furthermore, there seems to be something that draws people back to the island. The 815er's, Widmore, I think it is the same for Elle.
I think that she had been trying to find a way back to the island for some time, and when she met Desmond it proved to her that there was a way to travel in time, and that since they were flashes that it probably had to do with the island. Not sure how that connects to this, but I think she is using the 815er's as a ticket back to the island for herself, and to beat Widmore there, and get whatever they're ooking for. Jughead? Doubtful. But, I think when they all do finally get to the island, Jack and Sun are going to raelize that Ben is still a (fucking awesome) piece of shit, team up with Sawyer and Juliette and take on Ben. I assume Kate will join them some way, and I'm not sure how Desmond is going to play into all of this. Is he really going to go back to the island without Penny and Charlie? Fuuuck. END OF SPOILER

Tonight- Asher Roth and Lupe. I got an update from Asher Roth's facebook telling me to drunk dial him, and the best one may make it to the album. I'm going to call him from his own concert tonight. I am probably not the only one to think of it, but come on. I've got to win.

P.S. - Lost fucking rules.

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