Sunday, February 22, 2009

LiveBlog Oscars

7:59 - Turned on ABC to see Hugh jackman giving Barbara Walters a lapdance...Blerg. And apparently this is just the red carpet? I think I'm going to skip this.
8:27 - Uh-oh, MIB2 is on? Oscars blog may be donezo.
8:33 - What up Wolverine? They should have gotten Gambit, aka Tim Riggins to host. And put him on the SS Tatas.
8:40 - Check out this blog if you want to read a guy who sucks.
8:42 - I heard they were going to do weird things with the presenters, but five people? Really?
8:45 - This is outrageous. Something for each nominee?
8:53 - Tina Fey and Steve martin. Their writing a script. I get it , they write, and this must be screenplay.
8:54 - Nice, Tina Fey gets in a Scientology punch.
8:59 - Boo! Wall-E!!
9:04 - Yay! Wall-E!!
9:07 - This may be impossible, this is really long, and I have homework to do. I'll be back with sporadic updates.

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