Sunday, June 7, 2009

I'm Back, and I'm here to Post

This poster just got even better after I realized Drizzy's wearing an "I Got Five On It" tee

Welcome everyone. I realize I have done terrible at this and hopefully people will start reading this again, because I plan on posting fairly frequently for the rest of the summer.

Today was pretty interesting. For those who don't know, I start an internship with Michael Moore's production company on Monday. I heard about this months ago, and always thought that it was pretty unlikely that anything would come of it. Fast-forward to a couple weeks ago when find out Moore has a new movie coming out and I'm stil being told that the internship is a possibility. Then ten days ago I have a phone "interview" with some guy and end up getting the job. What the fuck, right?

So I'm living in some month-to-month hotel, and the guy who was supposed to get me into my room and stuff today forgot about it and I had to spend an hour in the lobby waiting for him. Then, once I was actual moved in I find out my TV has no A/V inputs which means no Xbox and no watching DVD's on TV. That was harsh, and after an early day, driving three hours hungover, and the lobby waiting, that meant driving to Walmart whilst having a mild panic attack on the phone with my father. However, once I got done shopping, everything was back to normal, and now everything is great. Sidebar: It was pretty awesome tonight walking from my car to my room (which is like 1.5 blocks) and being able to see a slight sunset over Lake Michigan.

No pop culture for tonight, but expect that to pick up. I assume I will find things to do here, but for now, I got nothing so I plan on watching lots of movies [on my Mac :(] nad listening to ots of music. I'l probaby have something to say about D.O.A. tommorow, but I haven't even heard it yet so we'll see. So put me back on your toolbars (Brad) because I'm back. Oh, and since most of the movies I'll be wathcing wil be from Netflix, and since I want to start writing about movies more, expect an array of talk about weird movies from past, present and from nations all around the world.

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Ian said...

finally something good on the internet, I'mma hit you up after your a week in with your internship...ciao!

sorry that was real lame, i wanted to tie in GAMETIME but it just wasn't happenin