Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Proliferation of Soulja Boy

I'll try not to title every other post like this...I swear

So there is this song. It is bad. It has that simple Soulja Boy hook that all of his songs do, but that is to be expected from a Soulja Boy song. However, the thing is that this is a song featuring Soulja Boy. That fact scares me. Obviously, this was going to happen, Soulja Boy hopping on other people's songs, but I was expecting it to stay with people like V.I.C. I still don't think I've heard Soulja Boy do anything on that song. But whatever, that is besides the point. I do not want Soulja Boy on people's songs who carry some sort of relevence to my everyday life.

Let me preface the crux of my ramble by saying I do not want to tell Soulja Boy to suck my dick. I got enjoyment out of "Crank Dat." Obviously he is the lowest of LCD rap, but there is always going to be that guy, and at least he looked like he was having fun. Plus I had fun watching other people (and myself) make asses of themselves doing his dance. However, my slight non-hatred of Soulja Boy wavered quickly. He is not good at making music. He is not smart, clever, or even really that catchy. This is why I do not want him appearing on people's songs who I would hear if it were not for Soulja Boy. Bow Wow's song with the man, "Marco Polo" is exactly what you would expect. It is a a sub-par rap song that tries to be catchy with that fucking hook, but it is actually just really annoying. Now, I don't usually hear a Bow Wow song and think, "Well this could be good" but putting Soulja boy on this single might start a terrible trend. A trend of people reaching out to Soulja boy to provide hooks, or production for their song. I would hope that this never reaches rappers whose music I don't usually ignore as much as possible, but Kanye has already praised him, so who the fuck knows. All I am trying to say is that this needs to stop. No more putting Soulja Boy on your tracks, rappers. Think of the kids.

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