Friday, August 8, 2008

Pineapple Express Tonight

So I plan on going to see "Pineapple Express" tonight, the stoner "action-comedy" with Seth Rogan and James Franco. Being an Apatow stan and a huge fan of "Freaks & Geeks" I am howdoyasay, excited. Franco was probably my favorite character of "Freaks." He was clearly the kind of kid who really just didn't know where he belonged, but he enjoyed smoking pot and I guess that's how he just ended up with Seth Rogan and Jason Segel's characters. However, as witnessed in the episodes when he tries to become a punk, and when he plays D & D with Sam and friends, there was clearly more to him than just being a "freak." I think I related the most to that aspect of his character. Not that I necessarily saw any bit of myself in him, but I did feel as though I related at least a little to what he was going through friend-wise. Whenever someone enters college there is always a phase of finding out who your friends are, and I maybe took a little longer than most people do really getting through this phase. I started watching the show right around the time I really realized who my friends were, so in a way I think "Freaks" helped me get through a phase, and that helped me relate to Franco.

I also think that these are reasons why I am all the more excited for the movie. I am excited to see Franco in a comedic role, because that is not what he has been doing. From all of the previews and interviews with cast members like Rogan, it does not appear as though Franco has lost any of his comedic talents which is good. He just wanted to stretch his legs and try something else for a little bit, very similar to his character from "Freaks." The same can not be said for Seth Rogan (upcoming role in the "Green Hornet" notwithstanding.) Now I love basically everything the man has been in so this is no knock on him, but I am just more excited to see how Franco returns to the genre. I have however enjoyed Rogan's recent string of interviews where his message has basically been, "smoke lots of pot and don't worry about it." Or as he said on the Daily Show, "drop out of high school, smoke lots of pot, and write a movie about it." Basically all that I am trying to say is that: I want to get the fuck out of work, probably stay in college, and write a movie. Too bad I am not very funny.

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