Wednesday, November 5, 2008

An Open Letter to Eminem

Dear Marshall,

I hear you have a new album coming out. That's great bud, I haven't from you in a little while. Hopefully the time off has done you well. I know alot of people take time off to look back and reflect, and I really hope you did that. Because honestly, I don't think anyone wants you to make another album like the last two. But that's besides the point, I have faith. Deep down we both know that you are a spectacular rapper.

I also hear your producing most with some new friends including DJ Premier. Awesome. I also hear your hooking up with some other old friends, Dr. Dre, maybe even Royce Da 5'9" which would be great. People all across the country are going to be listening to this album and putting Royce, an old friend, and also a fellow Detroiter on the album would easily help boost him, as well as the city you are from up. From there, there is only one thing that I can ask of you.

Please put at least one, maybe more Black Milk beats on the disc. We don't need him rapping yet, because he is not up to your high abilities, but there is not a better young producer out right now. If you still care about your city and it's music scene, put Black Milk on the disc. It isn't a stretch to say that the beats will be fire. He will realize the opportunity handed to him and run with it. So while finishing up your next classic, Em, please think of Detroit and it's young talent.

Kevin Mason Doby

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