Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holy Shit!

(via videogum)

I mean, well, wow. I usually don't see videos and feel the need to post it here, but this just blew my mind. First of all, how does a person over the age of 15 not know presidents can only serve two terms? I mean, I know all people don't receive the education I have been privileged to have but...c'mon. I don't feel bad for this guy exactly, but for how badly the educational system apparently failed him. I would have never thought a person like this could even exist, someone this ignorant about the voting process actually voting, but apparently they do. I can only hope there are not many more people like this out there. If there are...please don't try and vote, just sit at home.

I mean, This seriously bummed me out, and I have been in a great fucking mood the past two days for obvious reasons. I got a not-so-good test score back but then I got home and watched a much happier video of Barack's acceptance speech and I was giddy for the next, I don't know, 12 hours which put us to right now. It may not help I am writing a paper I don't want to, but this is just pissing me off. Congratulations guy, you may be the worst.

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